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I was so glad to move in my new home. I am a 23 years old marketing agent in a multinational company, who has been attached with the firm for past 2 years just after my graduation. I learned a lot my staying at the firm and this made me take care of the jumps towards my goal quite easier. I got three promotions in these 2 years and this means a lot to me. This time I was offered an apartment from my work place. Though I lived with my parents still I wanted an independent life which was my need. My mum helped me in fulfilling this dream with the help of Spotlight promo codes and it was quite amazing to see how things started falling into their place when Spotlight came into my life. Find the best Spotlight Coupons.

I remember the day when I announced my moving out of the house as I wanted to move into a modern and comfortable place. My father was altogether against it while my mother knew that it was something for my benefit. For my sake she somehow made my father understand things. It was the most wonderful day for me when I took my parents to look at the apartment.

The apartment was not a huge one but it was good for two-three people which I already had in mind to experience the independent life for few months and then would force my parents to move in with me…

To me shifting was not a problem as major furniture in the house was provided by the company as their property but after that I had to have a lot of things to make it a home to actually live in. I was so worried as I didn’t know where to exactly go to find all the necessary items for my need.


I enquired my mum about places from where she finds things of her convenience. She smiled at me when she heard that and told me that she is aware of modern facilities as well and this is the reason she order from online stores for making life easier for her. I was little shocked to hear that as I never saw my mum doing such thing like surfing and ordering online, yet I was happy for her making life easy for herself.

She at the same time showed me her favorite store quite famous as Spotlight. The store had almost everything a house need and want. I ordered blender, iron, lamps, coffee table and a lot of boxes to store the grocery and related stuff. I also bought hall runners, bean bag covers, candle holder, decorative string lights as it was a must in the apartment.

I even ordered few items for my washroom as the stuff available at the store had attraction which kept on calling me to like and buy them.

Spotlight has been part of mine since when I don’t know as my mother used it for quite a long time but now I directly use it to bring innovation in my life. The store has helped me in bringing the easy concept of living as I order online all the grocery item for my place from Spotlight only. This store is now my partner for life no matter what I need.




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