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Dearest Henry,

I hope you are doing really great at your new home in Perth and I’m also happy for your business running really good this year.

I am happy at hearing the news that you’ve finally made your new home and I am impressed by the design that you chose. It’s quite modern and makes good use of sunlight and what’s more impressive is the design of the swimming pool which is quite large. For more information go to

Your Mum told me that you needed advice in underwater lighting for your swimming pool. You have nothing to worry about as there are varieties of lighting that you can use for your swimming pool to help it get Illuminated at light and the current external lamps you use for the pool aren’t much effective in terms of illuminating it at night.

It’s good to have those lamps around. Recently in our home’s swimming pool I installed high-quality LED lights of standard and bright colours to keep it illuminated at night. These underwater lights have been installed in the light cavities of the pool that have replaced the standard bulbs and these LED lights are brighter than any standard light around.

LED lights consume less electricity as compared to standard lights and the best part about LED lights are that they are brighter than standard lights as well. Their installation is easy and can be placed easily on pieces of plastic, metal or wood to be used as supporting lamps. I suggest you try using LED lights for the external lamps as well.

From where should you be able to get underwater LED lights for your pool? I bought my lights and lighting material from Go lights. I signed for Go Lights Discount Code 7 years ago and since then I’ve enjoyed great deals on lighting and electrical accessories. I remember you signed up for them at the same time I did and I suggest you avail them as summer is coming up.

We will be visiting you this summer. We hope You, Molly and the Munchkins are doing great.

Stay blessed & see you soon!


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