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I was so glad to move in my new home. I am a 23 years old marketing agent in a multinational company, who has been attached with the firm for past 2 years just after my graduation. I learned a lot my staying at the firm and this made me take care of the jumps towards my goal quite easier. I got three promotions in these 2 years and this means a lot to me. This time I was offered an apartment from my work place. Though I lived with my parents still I wanted an independent life which was my need. My mum helped me in fulfilling this dream with the help of Spotlight promo codes and it was quite amazing to see how things started falling into their place when Spotlight came into my life. Find the best Spotlight Coupons. (more…)

Dearest Henry,

I hope you are doing really great at your new home in Perth and I’m also happy for your business running really good this year.

I am happy at hearing the news that you’ve finally made your new home and I am impressed by the design that you chose. It’s quite modern and makes good use of sunlight and what’s more impressive is the design of the swimming pool which is quite large. For more information go to (more…)

Australia has thankfully a strong base for its own brands: be it Quiksilver, Billabong, Von Zipper, Akubra, Country Road, Oroton, Pacific Brands, Rip Curl, Alias Mae, Tony Bianco, Wittner, Jaggar along with a host of many others. These brands compete on a global scale as well with other global brands and are hot favourites of the Australian market. 15 Best Extraordinary day Coupon Code in line | SuperSaverMama. (more…)

Whenever I want to get ready for the beach day out I was way too freaked out with how things will work out as my idea of looking good I never wanted to compromise on. To appear all trendy and focus on what to show off and how to presentable to the people is what I look out for. The idea of fashion and trends goes hand in hand which make me go beyond what I even think of. City Beach promo codes have been the most innovative store I came across. The brands attached with them makes sure that the availability of the products for the customer’s use is very much according to the needs and requirements. The up to date targets were what we achieved by being attached with the store. This was something which made me look into the new me with the different approach.

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After a long time, I planned a trip to my hometown Perth to visit my family. Since past two years, I was not able to make it up for any occasion or even just for visit due to workload. I just got the opportunity this time where I was going to utilize my two months off and can visit my parents who were waiting to see me for so long. The idea of going back home made me very energetic and I wanted to buy the whole world for my parents, siblings, and niece who were my world.

Without giving it a second thought I searched out for Mura Boutique discount code for this year. This store has been my constant partner since the time I came to Australia. I know my younger sister Nora was very fond of every dress in pink and taking advantage of this I looked out for few apparels for her from the tab ‘Pink Collection’ at Mura Boutique.


I have been a fan of apple pies since I was 7 years old. I remember my mom used to make them every Sunday for our grandmother. My grandmother used to live far away. She was on a 30 min drive away from our place. We used to see her only when she was having her doctor’s appointments or on Sundays. Thanks to Menulog, whenever I crave for my mom’s handmade apple pies I have this one place I can look up to. Menulog promo codes let me have the scrumptious apple pies as they smell and taste ditto like my mother’s. I live far away from my mom now and don’t usually get the chance to go and meet her often but Menulog never let me forget that love.

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I never get inspired by anything very soon and this was what made me stay behind at many point of time with what the fashion has to offer. The inspiration was never due to things belonging to hi fi brands but it was genuinely on the quality and being reasonable. This time of the year I used to go for purchases which would last with me for longer duration. As this time of the year was mid and I have to go for the things which are really my requirements. I do keep my things very safely but there are few things which get destroyed even when I take care of them. Lazada Voucher code were my safe haven. This was the reason when I looked up to them every time I needed of most importance.